Pros and cons of choosing a fixed niche for your blog

Before starting a blog, the greatest decision surfaces about choosing a topic for your blog. There are thousands of blogging areas in which you can blog. Everyone having their own advantages and disadvantages. The trick is to choose those topics which interests you but also interests a large part of internet audience.

People all over the world are searching for information. Information which is relevant and fresh . Whatever that comes to people’s mind they try to find it through internet and thats the reason blogging is so successful and growing day by day to a new level.

Recently i came across a blog named which is on alexa rank 12,000 and is earning huge money by just writing about blogspot plugins. This happens when you choose a fixed niche even if very narrow, it creates an auidence which will return for that niche ( in this case for recent plugins).

Below is growth chart of the blog.

This is the advantage of having a fixed niche. Visitors coming to this blog will memorize this blog built for plugins and whenever plugins comes to their mind, they will return to this blog only.

Pros of having a fixed niche

More returning visitors and thus a constant traffic even if you slow down your blog posting after sometime. Your blog will be considered a resource for that niche.

Cons of having a fixed niche

You will feel writer’s block after sometime, because after writing much you will fell short of that topic. Having a multi topic blog guarantees you enough writing ideas.

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