How much Money does Psy made from his GANGNAM Style video

Everyone knows that Gangnam style video on youtube is the most viewed youtube video ever in the history of youtube. With more than 2 billion views as of 2014 it beats its nearest competitor Justin Bieber “Baby” video by 1 billion views. Some people don’t understand why this video is so popular. In order to understand this they watch this video once more and increase number of views by +1.

Actually this is the logic behind popularity science of every product or brand.  For example if someone asks what is the most popular video on youtube. If the answer is Gangnam style video (Which obviously will be coz its a fact), the person who asked will definitely see the video once if he has not seen it, making it further more popular. But no one will ask, what is the second most popular video on youtube. And in internet, lot of article mentions at top news,blogs and social media sites made this video very popular.

gangnam stule stats


Clearly in the youtube stats graph given above of this video shows, a peak of this video attained when this was launched and lot of views generated in first few months through the buzz on internet. But since then its adding views at a constant rate which never seems to die down in near future.


Forget Fame And Show Me The Money Honey

Now put popularity aside and lets see what he got at the end in terms of money from Youtube. Because everyone says, in the end, the only thing which matter is how much money you made from it.

For this first we will have to find what is the average cpm rate of youtube. The average CPM rates of youtube videos is $7.5 as stated by various sites. Now a CPM means cost per thousand impressions.

So the total earning will be equal to  $[(Total views/1000)*7.5].

Psy total earning from Gangnam video

$ [(2,147,483,647/1000)*7.5]



Sixteen Million Dollars


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