How To Set Windows Programs To Launch Maximized Every Time

How To Set Windows Programs To Launch Maximized Every Time:- There could be some favourite programs for everyone. It could be such a disappointment if you have to explicitly maximize your favourite programs every single time they launch open. Well, what if I tell you that you don’t have to do that anymore. You can easily ask Windows to automatically launch your favourite programs in the maximized state every time they open up and for that, here are the steps that you need to follow:

Create A Shortcut For The Program Which You Want To Launch Maximized

First of all, we need to create a shortcut of the program that we want to launch as maximized. For that, follow the steps below:

Method 1

Locate the .exe file of the windows program and simply drag and drop it to the location where you want the shortcut to be created. Here in my case, I have dragged and dropped the .exe file of Adobe reader onto my Desktop. That’s it. You have successfully created the shortcut. You can check out Method 2 if you prefer a different way to create your shortcut.

Method 2


  • Let’s say that you want to create the shortcut on your Desktop (any other location is also fine). In that case, right click on an empty space in your Desktop, then click on New and then on Shortcut.



  • As next, you need to specify the location of your shortcut. You can use the Browse button to browse for your program’s exe file. Once you are done, hit the Next button.



  • You need to give your shortcut a name in the next step. Finally, hit the Finish button.



  • That’s it, now you can see your newly created shortcut in the location that you have created it.


Make Changes In Shortcut Properties To Set The Program Launch Maximized Everytime


  • Now that you have created your shortcut, let’s edit its properties by a bit to set its launch run property to maximized always. For that, right click on the shortcut that you have created and hit the Properties option.



  • Now look for the drop down menu associated with the Run option under the Shortcut tab. You need to select the Maximized option from the drop down menu list.



  • Once everything is set, hit the Apply and Ok buttons for your changes to take over. That’s it. Now everytime you open the program using this shortcut, your program will launch as maximized. You can even pin this program to the taskbar for easy access by just dragging and dropping it to the taskbar.


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