17 Free Sports Streaming Sites Online

For some people, there could be nothing more interesting than streaming content live, while for others it can be an alternative when they do not have access to a certain TV channel in their dish/cable subscription. Same goes for the sports fanatics who can stream sports online instead and enjoy their stuff for free. But, there are very few sources available that can help you stream sports online for free and most of them keep getting interrupted with ads and pop ups. So, before you get into these free sports streaming sites you need to be mentally prepared.

Nevertheless, free sports streaming sites online are especially a boon to those who have busy schedules that helps them to stream content anywhere on the go, whether it’s on their smartphones, tablets or laptops. The basic requirements to stream live content are a working internet connection and Adobe Flash Player. Stopcast and/or AceStreams can be required at times which are free of spyware and enable you to watch your favorite sports content smoothly.

So, after a lot of research we have compiled a comprehensive list for the top free websites for sports streaming online that requires no fees or registration. These sites are compatible with majority of the devices like, laptops, computers, smartphones, iPhone, Mac, iPad, Android, etc. So, let’s get going.



Targeted only for the US based subscribers, WatchESPN is a free live streaming website offered by the leading sports channel ESPN. Needless to mention that they list the sports content picked up from ESPN. If you are an US sports lover, this site is just the place you want to be. It comes with a fantastic interface that lets you choose from Live Now, keeps you informed on the Upcoming events or lets you Replay from archived stuff. It lists US sports events only and from all categories, viz. Rugby, US Soccer, basketball, softball, sportscenter, tennis, wrestling, lacrosse, hockey, and much more.

Best of all this cool live sports streaming site by ESPN is free of annoying ad pop ups ensuring a smooth viewing experience for all the US sports lovers. While you can watch the live events on the website, you can also check the schedules for their live streaming content on “What is WatchESPN” page. Not just that, experience uninterrupted viewing with their iOS and Android apps that help you catch up on your favorites sports event on you smartphones on the go.

The HD streaming facility and the ability to decide your video language based on your country that makes it the best part of this site.


SportLemon.tv is perhaps the best and one of the easiest websites for sports streaming online for free. A highly trustworthy website, it allows you to select your sports event along with the sports and the time zone. The best part is that from Football, tennis, hockey or boxing to basketball or cricket the website offers nearly all the sports content that you can watch for free on the go. While SportsLemon.tv offers several links for streaming, there are some sports content that you can watch using external softwares also.

What we love about the sites is that it offers multiple links hence, the chances of getting a working link is high. Also, even though the site supports ad pop-ups there are not many of them. Therefore, have a hassle free sports streaming experience with SportLemon.tv.


If you are looking for an ad-free sports streaming website, StreamSports is the only site that can be your option. It is a simple website that offers exactly what you want, nothing less nothing more. The home page lists all the sports events links that include categories like, football, cricket, tennis, basketball, American football, boxing, cycling and many more. The website is extremely trustworthy as the links are checked on a regular basis for security.

It is a feature packed website that has a lot to offer for free with a hassle free experience. It not just helps you with streaming your favorite events live, but also lets you watch highlights. You can keep a track of your sports programs with the events table that helps you to filter your preferences by sports, league, favorite teams or competition.


Stream your favorite sports content live with one of the best in the business, FromHot which lists streaming links for almost all types of sports such as, hockey, tennis, football, motorsports, basketball, golf and many more. It comes with an interface that’s clean, extremely easy to comprehend and convenient to use. The HomePage features a straight list of different sports events from all different channels that makes it easy for you to choose from.

What we love about this site is the facility to change the time zone that lets you modify the same from the top right end of the home page. . Take advantage of their live chat widget to communicate with users who share your interests.


Looking for a legal site that lets you stream sports content for free? Look no more, as you have Laola1.tv that has all rights reserved for broadcasting the sports events live from several TV channels. From football, table tennis or volleyball to motorsports or ice hockey, the website hosts live sports events links for your entertainment. It comes with an attractive layout and a user friendly interface that lets you browse through favorite sports content effortlessly.

You can select your favorite sports category/shows from the “Quick Browse” option located at the top left of the home page that not only lets you select your preferences from the recommended channels, access “My Feed”, “What’s Hot” and Premium, but also allows you to choose you “Portal” and set your language. Alternatively you can find your shows using the “search” option and check “Live” shows via the buttons placed at the top right corner of the screen. Laola1.tv is a visually attractive website with a beautifully designed interface that presents you with all your requirements at your fingertips.


One of the leading streaming sources for sports and television shows, Stream2Watch is your perfect destination for all your live sports streaming needs. The ineterface is pretty neat with the list of all live sports events across different sports categories. Whether it’s football, hockey, cricket, tennis, basketball or any other sports you have all your favorite stuff listed on the home page itself. The best part is that the list clearly indicaes the time when the event ends for you to be able to track of it. Simply click on the “Watch Now” and get going with your sports event.

The site provides you with working links for each of the sports content from all over the world and the schedule is updated on a daily basis. Your live streaming experience is enhanced if you are using the Google Chrome web browser as it comes with Adobe Flash Player already integrated into it which is activated by default. The links are all manually verified by Stream2Watch for a hassle free viewing experience.

You can see a lot of ad pop-ups on the site which can be distracting, so simply ignore them and click on your preferred sports event link to go to the streaming page directly.

First Row Sports

Virtually get to the first row of sports with this quality live sports streaming website, First Row Sports. It’s a simple website with a basic layout that takes you directly to the home page with all the sports events list collected from all possible sources. The sports events belong to different categories like, soccer, tennis, basketball, baseball, boxing, Moto GP, US soccer, rugby, hockey and others. The site allows you to choose from any of the live links listed and from “Today’s Video” section. You can also check for more links below the “More Useful Information” or from the “More Links” tab located at the top of the home page.

You also have the option to add the site to your favorites, change the time zone or get the site frame.


Wiziwig.to is a rebirth of their hugely popular previous version (Wiziwig.tv) that had been closed down at the end of 2014 due to the enforcement of laws in Spain. The previous version was an extremely big forum the members of which were highly active. Each of the sports events had multiple links to stream the content from and that displayed the basic details like, Bitrates and Signal Strength. After the shut-down of the old site, the community has moved on to create this new site, though keeping their identity concealed.

The new site is equally popular and lists the best schedules and streaming links for all major sports events belonging to categories like, Football, Tennis, Hockey, Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, Boxing, Rugby, Handball, MotoGP, Volleyball and much more. They are known for collecting streams across the globe that keeps serving you round the clock. You can click on the categories to select the streaming links and sign up to change your time zone.


Sreamwoop is a pretty new website that aggregates best free sports streams all acros the internet just for you. They cater to all major sports events that range from football, cricket, tennis, baseball, golf, to basketball and much more. What we love about this site is that it provides you with multiple links for you to find the best working link for almost any sports event online. So, if you are especially a fan of Soccer and NFL games, StreamWoop is the prefect destination for you.

However, there’s a lot that you can explore as the site also features a lot of tennis and other sporting events frequently. The site features a simple yet stylish user interface that lets you find your preferred sports events with ease. You can either search for a sports show directly from the search box, select from the “Trending games” section”, “Today’s games” or from the “Popular Sports”. You can also subscribe for their email notifications that keep you informed of all the latest sports event. So, never miss your favorite game with StreamWoop.


LiveTV.sx is the renewed version of LiveTV.ru is one of the active and popular free sports streaming site. It features a well-designed and user-friendly interface with all your requirements related to sports, such as, sports streams, live score and sports videos. From hockey, football, tennis and basketball to ice hockey or cricket this free streaming website has all the major sports categories that would be of your interest. It lists the popular leagues like, English Premier League, French Ligue 1 or UEFA Champions League to other sports type such as, NBA or NHL (ice-hockey).

This website runs on P2P technology that helps you to stream content in medium to high quality for free, and the best part is that a link can be accessed by numerous users at the same time. There’s more to this site as you can chat with users across the world and discuss what you watch for added fun. However, for that you need to create a free account by signing up with your personal details. Visit the “video archive” for videos related to game highlights and goals that are updated daily, every minute update of lve scores or football tables.

For a specific channel you can access the list from Internet TV and Radio website that provides with a complete list of all sports channels. Seek help from “How to Watch” gude, refer to the current month’s sports events or browse through the Matchday Videos and Previews section, you have a lot to explore on this free site. All you need is a working internet connection.

VIP League

Easily one of the best looking and the easiest to use free sports streaming websites in the category, VIP League allows you to stream sports content from all major categories ranging from football, ice hockey, rugby, baseball, boxing or cricket to table tennis, handball, volleyball, winter sports and many more. The categories extend to even TV channels and TV shows pledging to keep you entertained at all times.

Best of all, the website is also available to access in different international languages apart from English such as, Spanish, French, Dutch, Italian and more. You can seek Live Help from the blue tab located next to the language options or choose to watch from the list of “Live Now” channels directly by clicking on the tab. The site also allows you to submit a video or watch US/UK TV, bookmark your favorite content, check the Upcoming events or watch NFL by pressing the dedicated tab. That’s not all as along with the time zone, you can even customize the website theme according to your taste!

So, LiveTV is not just a simple sport streaming site, but a lot more and all that for free!


Frombar.com provides you with an uncomplicated platform that helps you look for your favorite online sports event for free. It is a legal site that provides secure links for you to get entertained. The game links are freshly updated and offers matches from all major categories from football, basketball, tens, hockey or boxing to cricket and others.

To watch your shows you can simply click on the links and it takes you directly to the streaming page. The best part is that this site also records their stuff directly from the ground with the help of their staff and camera and telecast it live for you.


JustFirstRowSports is not to be confused with First Row Sports (http://firstrowas.eu/) as even though they have the same name, they are two different websites with separate identities. The website is splendid with sports streaming content made available to you for free and of high quality. The interface is extremely straightforward that lets you browse through favorite sports stuff with different categories like, Live Videos, Today Videos and other links.

It offers you a wide variety of sports categories to choose from that range from football, basketball, hockey, cricket, tennis, soccer and more. Set your time zone, add to favorites and do a lot more with JustFirstRowSports. The simple layout makes it easier for you to toggle through the site.


If you are looking for a website that will serve you with all major sports streams, BossCast can be your answer. More designed for the USA viewers, the site offers majority of games that are popular there. Even though it’s new in the category, it has already been doing good in presenting genuine sports links to its viewers with a hassle free experience. Once you open the site you can even change your time zone based on your country to get the latest updates. Apart from the popular sports links, you also get to view matches from other games like, F1, Soccer, Rugby and more such sports.

Wondering how to share your experience with others? Well, the site also offers the chat option for you to connect with sports fans of similar interests online. You don’t have look anywhere to open the links and watch your favorite games videos online, as the links are arranged nicely on the home page for categories like, basketball, hockey, soccer, etc. that’s not all, as with BossCast you can also view other TV channels live like BBC, AXN and more.


How do you feel when you get to see your favorite games live with almost no ads? We know what a nice feeling that is when you get to see no annoying ads or pop ups while watching your sports event. The website is extremely simple and easy to navigate with all the sports categories neatly arranged on the top of the page such as, BasketBall, Hockey, Football, Baseball, Motor, Rugby, Tennis, BVolleyball and more. You can also watch NFL and Live matches by clicking on the appropriate tabs.

It also has other options to explore like Live Scores, while you can use the sitemap and the “for webmasters” option to embed the site on your website. You can also access the site on your iOS or Android device for those on the go. Even though the streaming quality may not be as good as others in the category, but is still a great alternative for free.


As soon as you launch LSHunter, the website takes you to the home page that lists all the live matches. You can select the one of your choice and watch the live streaming of your favorite games. You can also narrow down your search using the drop boxes for the type of sport and the competition.

If you want to watch a different game of different categories like, football, basketball, hockey, tennis, rugby, NFL and more, you can select it from the top of the page where the categories are arranged nicely. If you are a social monkey simply share the links on your social media accounts.


Do not go by the looks of the site, as even though it may look as if it’s uncompleted the links to your favorite sports events are of real good quality. It’s a pretty basic website with a simple layout that allows you to select yout time zone for refreshed list, search for the event or simply click on the event listed for live streaming and get going. You can even download last full matches and view last video highlights.