How to Browse in Text Only Mode in Chrome / Moziila

How to browse image free:– Whenever you browse on the web,it is obvious that you come across many images.But not all of them will be equally essential for you.You often ignore most of them.The images that  are getting loaded automatically in the browsers, consume a lot of bandwidth and adds to much of network traffic,which is not much desirable. This also helps in faster browsing of the web. You can stop the auto loading in various commonly used browsers like Chrome, Firefox,etc.

Thus,let us take you to the options you need to toggle upon,to enable the purpose.

If chrome is the browser of your choice,then navigate through the below mentioned steps.

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How to Disable Images and Enable Text Only mode in Chrome

Step 1:

Open up the Chrome browser, and towards the extreme right on the top, you find an icon with three horizontal lines. Click on it and open the Settings option.


Screenshot (72)


Step 2:

Scroll down on the Window that appear to choose the option named Advanced.


Advacned Settings Chrome


Step 3:

Under that Privacy and security option, another list of options appear, out of which you will need to click on Content Settings .

Step 4:

Now, Click on Images.


Content Settings Chrome Images


Step 5 – Now, Turn off them images by toggling the radio button to off.



Content Settings Chrome Images Turn Off



That’s it. Now, Go on and browse any website in image free mode or Text Only mode in Chrome browser.

How to Disable Images and Enable Text Only mode in Mozilla Firefox

Step 1:

Open up the Firefox browser and type in the address bar, about:config

Screenshot (76)

Step 2:

A message window pops us regarding your warranty.Accept the message in order to move to the Settings page.

Screenshot (77)

Step 3:

The settings page now contains a series of options which you can modify.

Just Search permissions.default.image in the search bar.

Step 4 – Just do a double click and modify the value to 2 to block all images.


Firefox Permission Default Images

Step 5:

Now open up any web page and you will see that images don’t get auto loaded themselves.

Hope this was useful to you. Now hurry up to save your bandwidth and enjoy fast browsing!

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