Top 10 bloggers and their Adsense Income

Gone are the days when businessmen were 40 something gold chain laden persons with a fat belly to show off. Meet the new breed of millionaires who are 20 something bloggers writing blog posts in their pyzamas and earning millions. They are their own bosses and don’t need to get instruction from anyone . They can work at whatever time they wish to work and can fool around rest of the time with their hobbies.


Check out the list of top 10 bloggers from india and their estimated adsense revenues : –

1 . Amit Agarwal amit

-:  Blog –

-: Page Views per Day – 1,50,000

-:  Alexa Rank of – 2000

-: Estimated Adsense Revenue per month – $ 52,000 / Month

About – In the year 2004  amit quit his lavish job at Goldman sachs and turned a full time blogger. He writes about software and internet tools. IIT passout amit now drives Honda CRV and lives life his size in New Delhi  the way he want, with his adsense and affiliate income.


2. Malini Agarwal

Malini_Agarwal-: Blog –

-: Alexa Rank of – 7200

Page Views per day – 5 lacs

-: Estimated Adsense Revenue – $30,000 / Month

About – 35 something Malini agarwal is the number one female blogger of the country. She is the perez Hilton of india. Her blog commands highest readership by any individual blogger in india. She blogs about bollywood and has managed to crack a top spot amidst of so many spam blogs of Bollywood Niche. She started this blog as a part time hobby in 2008 , but as the viewership rose she left her job at Channel V to go for full time stint at her dream project.


anand-khanse3. Anand Khanse

-:  BlogThe Windows Club

– : Alexa rank of thewindows Club –  5000

-: Page Views Per Day – 3,00,000 per day

-: Estimated Adsense revenue – $72,000 Per Month

About – Anand Khanse started writing on his tech blog in January 2008 and focused his writing on windows. He has a large global visitor base and thus a huge adsense revenue from his windows focused blog. He is also a blogger who breaks the notion about blogging being a new age income trend and proves that there is absolutely no right age for being a great blogger.



rohit-saha-tech-gyd4. Saurabh saha

-: Blog –

-: Alexa Rank of – 12,000

-: Page Views per day – 90,000

-: Estimated Adsense Revenue – $32,000 / Month

About – Saurav saha is in 3rd year of Delhi University pursuing bachelors in Computer science. He is just 20 year old and is earning this huge sum from Google per month via adsense. He started his blog in December 2012 and have written 1,600 articles so far.

chandoo5. Purna Duggirala

-: Blog –

-: Alexa Rank of 15,000

-: Page views per day – 50,000

-: Estimated Adsense Revenue – $32,000 / Month

About – Purna Duggirala is another “i dont want a 9 to 5 secured corporate shit” story. He was a pass out from IIM Indore working as a Business Analyst and earning hefty package. He started an excel blog which MBA’s are most capable of and started writing tips and tricks of excel in it. Soon he realised , it can be a great money making machine and he took a plunge to be a full time money making excel blogger. This is the amazing thing about blogging , It doesn’t matter how narrow your topic is , if you are best in the field, you are going to rock it.


6 Ravi Tmada

: – Blog –

: – Alexa rank of – 12,000

:- Daily Page Views – 60,000

: – Estimated Adsense revenue – $15,000 / Month

About – Ravi Tmada works as senior software engineer at Bank of America and lives in Hyderabad. He blogs about android app development and writes in such a way that its even easy for a novice user to understand app development. .He is currently perhaps the best blogger blogging about Android app programming  tutorial.



7. Imran Uddin

– AllTechBuzz.NET

Alexa Rank – 6396

Daily Page Views – 70,000

Estimated adsense revenue – $20,000 /Month

About – Imran Uddin is an engieering student and in his final year and is earning huge sum from his blog He also manages a network of more than 20+ blogs in his kitty. He was featured on Television and various magazines for such an awesome success at an awesome age.


8. Raju PP

Raju from Bangalore quit infosys to start a life based on blogging and made it big. He blogs on gadgets and tech related stuff to pull googlers to his portal.

Blog –

Alexa Rank – 19,000

Estimated Adsense revenue – $7200 / Month


harsh agarwal9. Harsh Agrawal

-: Blog –

-: Alexa Rank of – 3900

-: Estimated Adsense Revenue – $8,000 / Month

About – 20 Something Harsh Agrawal quit his job at Convergys to become a professional  blogger. He now writes on bloging, wordpress, tips and ways to make money online. He now lives in New Delhi and blogs regularly to earn his income blended with freedom.

mrunal10. Mrunal

: – Blog –

: – Alexa rank of – 21,000

: Page Views per day – 70,000

:- Estimated Adsense Revenue – $3000 / Month ( Low income due to indian traffic focused blog)

About – Mrunal was preparing for IAS and was a regular internet user. He used to visit Civil Services forums in his off time. The ability to state things clearly and lucidly made him a popular forum user. Soon he started a blog and started compiling all his learning and research for preparation of competitive exams.  His blog is very popular among students preparing for various competitions like ssc, ias , rbi etc.