Top 5 Open Source Clone scripts

Clone Scripts are the new buzzword in webmasters arena. Now for running a hugely popular website do not require you to code for years. There are thousands of clone scripts which can be customized and set up to run a successful business. But what exactly is a clone script. These are coded to work exactly as a bigger website of which they are clone of.

For example Pligg is a clone of Digg and can be used to run your own social bookmarking website just like Digg.

Do these become successful ? Ofcourse as they try to imitate the same successful model with your fresh idea. is a website made with pligg with an alexa rank of 1800. Similarly wikitravel is a website made with mediawiki (A script on which wikiepdia is built with) and is immensely successful.

Here are Top 5  Free Open Source Clone Scripts : –


1.MediaWikiMediawiki is the software behind wikipedia. The collaborative knowledge management  which rose to top 10 websites of the world. Whatever the thing we search on internet , 99% of the time it gets a search result from wikipedia.

WikiTravel is a wiki focussed for travel destinations . It has an alexa rank around 3k and is most popular travel portal around the world.

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2. JobberbaseJobberbase is an Open source job classified script made for those who want to run a job website without the hassles of registration. The script support many themes and extendible plugins which make it a great choice for running a employment portal.

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elgg 3. Elgg – Elgg is an open source social networking script for running your own facebook or orkut. It is power packed with features like creating groups , following users and wire post just like twitter update. Go for elgg if you want to run a social networking website.

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pligg 4. Pligg
Pligg is the first clone script of Digg written in PHP and MySQL . It has recieved more than 2 lacs downloads since its inception. It works exactly as digg and that makes it a hugely popular clone script. and cashed it at the right time and are earning big amount of adsense revenue.

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5. sharetronix twitter cloneShareTronixSharetronix is just like twitter with added features like picture upload and video embed. It looks even better than twitter and  takes minutes to install on your server.


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