Top 10 ways to find fresh content ideas for your blog

1.Browse questions
Visit Question answers websites where people ask questions.  Try to explore  questions in your area.Try forming a topic clearing the doubts raised by users.what to write for blog
Some of the QA websites are :-

2.Use bookmarking  sites
Go to bookmarking websites and try to find out the recently popular articles. Remember every piece of art is a copy and blogging is an art. So if you are copying a successful idea,  you are not doing a crime . Below are some of the bookmarking websites :-

3.Use Google alerts
use google alerts to find recently added blogs related to a particular keyword. For example if you write about DICK , use google alert to find updated news and blogs about DICK.
You can login to Google alert with your Google account here :

4.Join Forums
Join forums in your niche and look for hot discussions going on . Get a fresh idea for the content for your blog from active discussions.

5.Find Related keywords with help of Google
Use google to find related keywords.You can find related keyword to design your topic heading here.

6.Go offline
Normally bloggers try to find content ideas online. Try reading books and magazine in your area of expertise. The advantage will be that it have the chances of becoming a fresher content which is not online and will be loved by search engines.

7.Try blog search
Go for  blog search and find updated blogs in past week or recent hours.

8.Do news search

Use news search from various search engines to find the latest update of your niche.


9.Take the help from google suggestions

These are the things people keep searching and google form a sentence with the popularity of sentence being searched,

10.Subscribe to great blogs
Subscribe to famous blogs in your niche.

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