Top Blog SEO mistakes by newbie bloggers

Its amazing how major search engines especially Google defines the internet. If they start loving you , you will be rich overnight from a simple blog and if they start hating you , no matter how much post you write and how enlightened your posts are , you will keep biting the dust.

The strategy of being loved by Google is having good SEO practices for your blog. But the major thing people always forget is that SEO is just like medicine. You take the appropriate dose of right medicine and it will do wonders. You take the wrong dose or wrong medicine or both, YOU ARE DONE.

Here i will explain you top mistakes done by newbie bloggers while doing SEO practices for their blog.1240397_prohibitory_traffic_sign

More keywords means a higher rank in search engines

In order to rank high for a particular keyword , bloggers usually put too many keywords inside posts. This is known as keyword stuffing. If a particular keyword is more than 3-5 %, google will give you a negative score. Google will think that you are tricking them and they will categorize you as spam.

More links means a good SEO

Its true that link building helps in SEO. But two things should be kept in mind.

  • Links should be on related blogs or websites. Usually  Bloggers go on commenting on do follow blogs and forums to gain more backlinks without seeing its related to their blog’s category or not. For example if you blog about gadgets and you build a link on celebrity blog, its of no value. In fact it gives your Google scorecard a negative score.
  • Link building should not be ultra fast. Suppose your blog is just two weeks old and you build 1000 links, google will see it as a spam activity. Result: a -1 score from search engines.  The pace of Link building should be gradual and it should increase with a gradual rate.

Copying other blog’s content is OK

Copying other blog’s content or part of blog content is content duplication and search engines take it very seriously. Even if you copy a paragraph from the whole post, it gives you a negative rating in the eyes of search engines. The blog post even if its a copy of another post should be written in your own words. Search engines can’t detect that you are copying an idea or a whole information, if the same piece of information is written in a different way.


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