What you don’t know about Markus frind

frind markus

Markus frind is the person behind PlentyofFish.com, the biggest dating website on earth. Once afraid to loose his job, he is now the one man empire riding on a  money making machine. Some quick facts …

  • Markus frind booked PlentyofFish.com in year 2001 and he went home and tried his best to make an index page. He didn’t knew programming.
  • 2 years later in 2003, afraid of loosing his job , Markus started working towards his website plentyoffish and started learning asp.net
  • For getting help he joined a forum named www.cre8asiteforums.com, you can find his profile here which was created by him in 2004 to get help from other coders.
  • Markus ran his website initially hosted on his personal computer for 8 months. Once he got some money from ads, he hosted it on a bought server at PEER1.
  • Markus never spend a penny towards the promotion of his website and just grown through search engine visitors.
  • His novice coding standard can be felt from the fact that you still have your password visible while doing registration at Plentyoffish. Check the password field in the registration area.
  • Markus was at one time the highest earning Adsense guy in the whole world with $10 million per year of Google Adsense earning.Below is his one month Cheque from Google.


  • Markus is the only employee in his $1billion worth company, because this jobless freak at one time in life, believed in himself. Because where yahoo and other big dating websites were spending $1 million per month on advertising, the biggest dating website could not have been made with one man with an empty wallet.



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