Why make money online

People all over the world have different professions, hairstyles and p*nis sizes. But they all are looking for a common thing in life. SHORTCUTS.

Whenever a person hear this make money online thing, he immediately gets very excited and want to give it a try. People see internet as a recreational and leisure activity and they make-money-onlinethink that making money on internet is as easy as a mouse click. So, make money people ( initially ) remain in searching mode over internet  reading each and everything and downloading every bullsh*t ebook from crappy websites. Johnchow is the most benefited blogger in the world from this trend.

I also will not guide you here how to make money online but will surely provide you some facts i gathered when i was a fool in searching mode.

What are the advantages of making money online ?

  • It requires low or no investment and the only things needed are idea, implementation and patience.
  • Once you hit the right spot there is no limit on how much you will earn in a very less span of time.
  • Setting up a website or blog do not require government permission or taking an office space for lease. It just require you , your pc and internet.
  • Its location independent so you are not bound to stick to any place and can work from anywhere in the world. Of course not from Mt. everest as broadband is missing there.
  • This is a kind of business where a single person can also run a hugely successful portal. For example Craigslist have only have 30 employees while labnol (India’s biggest blog) have only one.
  • You will have a lot of time for your family.
  • There will be no bosses to take order from.
  • There will be no deadlines to meet. Work at whatever time you wish.
  • No wastage of time while commuting to office