Why you should not read Self Proclaimed Blogging Gurus

It may sound fishy but its true. Reading top blogs from self proclaimed bloggers never helps. If you will not agree with me now, it will take you one year from here to continuously read their subscriptions and  then agreeing with me. Some of the blogs which will always waste your blogging time are –


  • As they are well established in Both Search engines and Social media, they never try too hard like budding bloggers to make a useful content. They know that even if they fart, it will bring visitors.Every single post is attached with 10k  twitter followers, 20k facebook fans and 30k RSS subscribers. (Who the Fug is Google ?) .
  • Every third post of these gurus revolves around an affiliate program which help them in making huge money. So, either they are praising themselves or they are selling something to you.Readers believe them madly and see them as a key to their success. These blogging icons take advantage of this belief. If you don’t believe me, just scan few posts at any of the above blogs.
  • Most of the new bloggers just like you go to bigger blogs for content. Content which is fresh and new born. Do you think that these so called blogging leaders will care to update content as soon as possible? Why will they bother about writing a Buzz too early if they know they will get indexed and get a lot of attention even if they are late.
  • Most of the time they are seen trying to make themselves look like a Blogging God . They write post to impress and depress you.Some of the posts are designed like this :
  1. How i make $1,35,000 last month.
  2. How i frequently appeared on Digg home page
  3. How i made $50k from twitter in August.


For example Shoemoney uploaded his adsense cheque worth $1,35,000 in one of his posts and never clarified that this is the total  income from his network of websites. This is the trick to appear a  Blogging Avatar in Reader’s eyes.

I am not saying they are not great Bloggers. I accept that all of them are Blogging geniuses of their own kind. But they have written nice articles in past . Now they are reaping the profits of their past deeds.

If you really can’t stop the urge to read them, better read their archives. They are the finest posts which made them what they are today.


No one in this world is born here to teach you how to become a good blogger. Following them shows you believe them more than yourself.

They key to blogging success depends upon only three factors –

1. Write posts with unique content and fresh information

2. Write posts so that readers love you and Google sniff that people love you.

3. Build some quality back links .


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