Why Yahoo Contextual Ads is the best Adsense alternative Today

I was working in cognizant in year 2009 and thats when i heard first about adsense and how it changed the life of web publishers around the world.  I surfed zillions of pages and sites like digitalpoint, warrior forum. I decided that this is what i wanted to do with my life. Creating websites and being free.

  • Free from financial worries.
  • Free from fix working hours.
  • Free from forced unintresting work.

And i took the jump. I quit my job in Feb 2009. i created dozens of websites and started earning from adsense. My income rose to 3 folds what used to be my peanut salary at the company. I was happy. I may not have become a millionaire, but i have found my path and i was loving it.

But slowly and slowly i got to know that there is a horrific angle attached with Google and that is its moral policing. Google will disable your account after giving a warning of thin content or content which is obscene or ad#!t in nature. Now you can see why i chose to write ad#!t like this. I fear of getting my bread and butter detached. This is the fear which lives with each webpreneur or webmaster who solely depend on Adsense for their revenue, specially bloggers.

Why adsense was the only alternative

Clearly adsense has the largest market share and it can provide almost constant revenue per month even if the cpm oscillates like anything.  Internet is flooded with adsense alternatives, but they are of no use if you are a small publishers.

What i learnt with other Adsense alternatives

  1. Tribal fusion – They will not approve you untill and unless you have a high traffic.
  2. Chitika – You must have considerable amount of US traffic on your site.
  3. Buysellads – Buy this space ad block provided by Buysellads remains empty most of the time if you are a small publisher. It may not be a problem with bsads. It can also be your inability to find an accurate price of your space to sell and disinterest in your space for other buyers.
  4. In text ads like infolinks, kontera etc.– They can be annoying to visitors as they interfere with reading quality of the incoming user.

Now you can easily guess, if Adsense was not better than the above options. why the hell on earth everyone is trying it. It surely surpasses every other alternative in terms of satisfaction.


How Yahoo Bing network rose to Adsense challenege

Now from one year or so i have started seeing websites using Yahoo Contextual Ads. You should also note that these websites are not using Yahoo Contextual just because they are not adsense publisher or they have low amount of web traffic. These are high traffic sites and they are using it along with adsense. They are giving yahoo ads a 50:50 share on their web pages.

yahoo bing media net

Top websites using Yahoo Bing ad network

  1. sfgate.com – Alexa rank ( 720)
  2. cosmopolitan.com – Alexa rank ( 1637)
  3. Fixya.com – Alexa rank ( 2230)
  4. sliptalk.com – Alexa rank ( 10887 )
  5. latest-hairstyles.com – Alexa rank ( 21578 )
  6. babynames.com – Alexa rank ( 19,000 )
  7. recipe.com – Alexa rank ( 18460 )

How it works

The difference in the algoarithm of showing ads in Adsense and Yahoo network is different. Adsense shows ads related to the content on that page. For example if you have a health website and you have written an article about jobs on one of the page, it will show jobs related ads on the page. (Note : -It also shows ads to the users irrespective of the site or page by keeping track of their browsing pattern) .

Yahoo Bing network is specific about niche of website. The inventory it has got of advertisers are divided into categories. It means it shows related keyword blocks to users based on the niche of their website. It decides on the day it approves your website that which category of ads it is going to show on your website. So no matter whatever the page is about, if you have a job website it will always show employment related ads, no matter what is written on that particular page or whatever be the browsing pattern of that individual user.

This method can be helpful in optimizing ad revenue to a great extent. For example if i have Tutorial website for insurance. The tutorial pages should show university ads, GMAT ads, certification ads or careers ads , As the page is being shown to a student. But Adsense will show insurance ads as the content is about that. This will result in less chance of ads being clicked, leading to loss in revenue for the webmaster.

How Yahoo Contextual Ads pay ?

The payment options are –

  1. Wire transfer directly to your account
  2. PayPal

How to Apply for Media.net?

It is very easy to apply for media.net, just follow these steps:

  • Login to media.net publishers.
  • Add your website for approval.
  • The process can take up to 2-3 weeks for approval So cheer up and wait.

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